Enterprise UX

Designing for Large Companies.

EMC Chat Invite

A few months ago, I worked on redesigning the EMC sales chat invite:

To make sure we were getting the design right, we did some A/B testing using Adobe Test & Target. We ran multiple designs, ranging from simple banners to the more chat-like design seen here.

EMC Mobile App Summit 2013

I recently had the opportunity to host a panel on enterprise UX resources at EMC’s Mobile App Summit. As an introduction, I put together a few slides to introduce the concepts of UX design, and how it fits into the development process.

I started off with a general overview of what UX is, then got into why it’s important. I wanted to point out that proper UX design is not just about having a nice “look and feel”. (A phrase I despise.) proper UX design has a measurable impact on the bottom line, and has a major impact on our society as a whole.

After that, I talked about how the mobile frontier is still the wild west. At EMC, we’re really talking about mobile —– it’s a major initiative. Though high-level resources like branding and style guidelines are available, the deeper levels of design are still just taking shape.

As the mobile platform integrates itself into the fabric of the enterprise, we UX designers will need to be very aware of what we’re building. The designs we produce today are the seeds that will shape the mobile landscape for decades to come.

First Post

So here’s my first post. I figure it’s time to start writing again.

This blog won’t be anything fancy, but I’ll try to keep the content to UX related things. (As with most things, we’ll see how it goes.) The only way to see how it will turn out is to try it.

Right now, I’m working as a UX designer at EMC Corporation, so a lot of my content will probably have to do with enterprise UX design. Things of particular interest to me right now include quantitative usability analysis, mobile standards, and big data.

I’m still getting this blog set up, but I hope to post somewhat regularly. If you find anything off about the site, please let me know. I’m crafting it by hand using Octopress, so it may be rough around the edges at times.